H A I R  S T Y L I S T

  1. 1
    The trial and consultation is very important. This will be the time to discuss and find the perfect style for your wedding day to compliment your dress, flowers and other accessories.
    Why do I need a consultation and trial?
  2. 2
    This depends on the style. Every style is different that's why it's so important to have the trial. Within the trial, I will give an idea of timings so you, and each of your bridal party, know to help run the day smoothly.
    How long will my hair take on my wedding day?
  3. 3
    Yes. I only offer every day of the week including Bank holidays!.
    Do you do weddings on a Sunday or Bank Holiday?
  4. 4
    This depends on the time of the wedding. Usually 7 is a comfortable number of people in a party.
    How many people can you style in a bridal party?