H A I R  S T Y L I S T

U n w a n t e d   f r i z z   a n d   u n r u l y   h a i r ?

Welcome to the NanoKeratin Smoothing Treatment...

The NanoKeratin Treatment is designed to work with your hairs natural texture so the result depends on your hair type. If you have unruly, frizzy hair, you will see a huge reduction in frizz and curls. If your hair is naturally straight, it will appear shinier and smoother. All hair types will gain strength and be more manageable.

NanoKeratin is a treatment which benefits are..
Manageable healthy hair
Shine, softness, smooth, frizz free hair that are unfazed by humidity
Moisture and damage repair
Dramatically reduces drying and styling time up to 80%
Longer lasting colour
Hair is left stronger
Lasts up to 5 months depending on homecare maintenance

A f t e r   C a r e

For the 72 hours post NanoKeratin System treatment please follow these guidelines:

Do not get hair wet (shower, pool or sea). If hair gets wet within the first four days post treatment, re-straighten with a titanium flat iron

Do not use any hair care products including hair spray, gel and mousse on your hair

Do not tie hair up or use any head bands or grips.

P r i c e   G u i d e

Prices vary depending on the length and thickness of your hair. 

As a guidline....£75 - £150

Please ask me for more details and a full enquiry about NanoKeratin Smoothing Treatment.



I visited Hannah for a Nanokeratin treatment on my hair, what a transformation! I wake up to sleek, glossy hair everyday without the need to straighten it out. This is by far the most superior keratin treatment I have ever tried.... Hannah is absolutely lovely too.

Lisa, Nottinghamshire
Wow! What a difference to my hair. The NanoKeratin Treatment has done the works for my hair that it is now effortless. Thank you again Hannah, I will definitely be a regular! 

Naomi , Nottinghamshire